1. Golf Fitness Alliances
  • TPI – Medical Advisory Board
  • PGA – FitGolf provides an approved, accredited course titled “The Body and the Golf Swing” that allows PGA Golf Professional Members to participate to obtain continuing education credits (MSR Credits) for their profession. FitGolf has working relationships with PGA Chapters & Golf Professionals throughout the country. Any PGA Golf Professional Member can partake in our two-hour personal Golf Fitness evaluation and be rewarded two additional MSR Credits. The relationships built through these opportunities give us high recognition in local branches of the golfing industry, thus giving us an advantage for bringing new clients in the door.
  • Golfer’s Associations
  • K-Vest – Advisory Board
  • BodiTrak
  • ALINE – Advisory Board
  • Ten Minute Cushion
  1. Image of Difference

3R Fitness Training Approach:

  • Release
  • Reeducate
  • Rebuild


At FitGolf Performance Centers, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to enhance our ability to assess and strengthen our clients’ fitness.

  • K-Vest
  • BodiTrak
  • V1 Capture Software
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