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Introduction to Golf Fitness – This is designed to teach the relationships between the body and the golf swing. We examine the basic golf swing faults and fixes for full swing, short game and putting. This includes basic introduction to 3-d motion analysis, study of golf motions, and golf swing methods, as well as the FitGolf Performance Centers science of body assessment and training. Topics include the theory on functional assessment, and developmental functional training, as well as causes of pain in the golf swing and how the body affects the function and movements in athletics. The goal is to ensure that you have all the foundational theories that we apply to our clients during the processes evaluation and training.


Manual Releasing for Golfers – This is designed to ensure that you have the ability to apply appropriate soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization techniques for all body areas that commonly exhibit reduced range of motion or mobility in a golf swing. This includes learning myofascial release and mobilizations to increase range of motion in the hips, hamstring, calves, spine, and shoulders. We review the theory of releasing, mobilization and re-education/movement pattern training using neurological approaches to enhance the results for mobilization of the joints and soft tissue structures.


Biomechanics & Injuries in Golf – This is a study of human biomechanics and injuries that are commonly seen in golf. We look at the biomechanics of the spine, hips, pelvis, knee, foot and ankle as well as the shoulder girdle and shoulder. Additionally, we look at the common injuries seen in golfers and protocols to remedy them.


Golf Performance Evaluation – This is the most detailed evaluation of the golfer on the market. It includes learning to perform a solid interview to ensure that the client buys the program, functional movement assessment, anatomical assessment, technology assessment, and program design theories and practice. Finally, we teach you closing methods to ensure that the client purchases the program you design and pays you on your terms, not theirs. You will learn sales methods in the realm of a golf fitness business. We also look at a specific methodology for program design and progression that honors how the body best learns movement. You will learn how to fully evaluate a golfer so you can create a completely customized program that the client purchases and completes.


Technology – This teaches the basics of 3-d motion analysis using the k-vest, and force plate technologies using the dynamic balance system. This is about understanding how to use the technologies, what the data means and how to train clients on movements relevant to golf in the most efficient and technologically advanced method on the planet. From this course you will learn to read and interpret 3-d motion analysis graphs and data. Once you understand how this technology works, you will incorporate it in your training as it is the most powerful tool available for biofeedback in the golf swing. You will also learn how to use the number two technology in training golfers. The Dynamic Balance System, the gold standard when it comes to force plates. This system is the same technology used in by Neurocom in their research and medical platforms, with golf customized software. Together the DBS and the K-vest give you the data and the ability to help your golfers train like a pro with extremely high level outcomes when used in the clinical system we employ at Body Balance for Performance.

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All business operations have been established for you in step-by-step procedures.

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Everyone in your business will have the opportunity to go through sales training led by the FitGolf headquarters. Golf Fitness Business Owners were surveyed in the United Stated about what the biggest concern is for their golf fitness business. The overwhelming top response was that golf fitness professionals and coaches are struggling to get new clients in the door. Our sales module is designed to help golf fitness coaches and trainers with that problem. This module emphasizes the necessary techniques to building business relationships that lead to the addition of new clients.


Areas that will be covered in this module

  1. You will learn to use effective sales techniques that will enable you to increase revenue.
  2. You will learn specific marketing event scripts known to generate prospects for the golf fitness business.
  3. Marketing Module


A proven marketing system is one of your most important resources to take advantage of. All marketing pieces have been created and updated by the home office staff. The marketing module consists of several ongoing marketing activities simultaneously, driving in golf fitness prospects. This includes an email marketing campaign, and the benefits of our partnerships and affiliates throughout the industry. Some examples:

-We have relationships with golf associations throughout the country.

-All of our locations are TPI certified.

-We have relationships with certified Golf Pros throughout the country.

This marketing module is not about advertising, it is about how to get clients in the door through planning and executing marketing and public relations activities.This includes instruction in building a business and marketing plan and culminates in how to cultivate a geographic market place within each attendee’s chosen geography.


Areas that will be covered in this module

  1. You will learn to understand your market and determine your client base by the demographics of the market.
  2. You will create a business and marketing plan.
  3. You will demonstrate a general knowledge of creating a marketing promotional piece by practicing its creation within a small group setting.
  4. You will learn how to cultivate your territory to build business relationships.
  5. You will learn how to look critically at websites.
  6. You will learn the basics to effective Social Media marketing.
  7. You will learn to generate promotional activities that will generate prospects for your business.
  8. You will learn to create and develop clear, concise short and long term goals for your golf fitness business.
  9. You will learn how to build a residual business.
  10. You will have the opportunity to share successful golf fitness business activities within an open group forum.


Units of Study:

  1. Market Demographics – Location and people characteristics
  2. General Fitness Services
  3. Advanced Fitness Services
  4. Use of Technology in the fitness program
  5. General Marketing Rules
  6. Creating and Implementing Marketing Activities
  7. Reporting and numbers analysis
  8. Golf Fitness Sales Techniques
  9. Goal Setting – Short and Long Term
  10. Developing a Golf Fitness Business Plan
  11. General Golf Fitness Business Practices
  12. Building a Residual Business
  13. Basic Use of Social Media Marketing
  14. Startup Support

Headquarters will provide all of the startup support necessary for utilizing all of the previously mentioned modules.

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